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MuleSoft ESB Training

At the end of Mule ESB training sessions, the trainee will become an expert in designing and developing integrations using Mule Integration tool. The trainee will learn to implement and able to integrate MULE ESB CE 3.8 with REST, SOAP, File, MySQL and Apache Active MQ Components.

Mule Essential Training Sessions
Session 1
  • Integration and Introduction to ESB
  • Overview of Mule ESB
  • Anypoint Studio Installation
  • Terminology & Walkthrough of Mule ESB Studio
  • Practical 1: Expose REST application using “Hello World”
  • Practical 2: Consume third party REST application
Session 2
  • Flow, Sub Flows, and Private Flows
  • Message Source, Processors, and Properties
  • Transformers
  • Exception Handling
  • VM Flows
  • Logging
  • Practical 1: Read and write to database using REST API
  • Practical 2: Active MQ integration using Queue and Topic
Advanced Training Sessions
Session 1
  • Connectors ○ HTTP ○ File ○ JDBC ○ Quartz
  • Custom Transformers
  • Components
  • Routing and Filter
  • Mule Expression Language
  • Practical 1: File Based Operation to convert CSV to JSON
  • Practical 2: Scheduler Example using Quartz
Session 2
  • Mule ESB Enterprise Edition features vs Community features
  • Basic Dataweave
  • Basic API development using RAML
  • Deployment on Mule CloudHub
  • Practical 1: Expose API using RAML
  • Practical 2: Produce and Consume SOAP Webservice
  • Practical 3: File Processing and transformation using Dataweave
  • Practical 4: Standalone Deployment Of mule app

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