BasilRoot CaseStudy



A UK based technology and services company that integrates leading brands and retailers globally through integration platform. So here is our approach.

Challenges & Business Need

  • Build a platform to create and innovate, delivering solutions that require
  • minimum resource and result in large increases in customer loyalty, revenue and profits
  • The global integration platform connects brands’ and retailers’ business systems through a single integration
  • A model for the brand to be able to mirror the retailer’s service level agreements and customer promise. All this must be done with a single integration that can scale across multiple partners
  • Enable collaboration to create the optimal online stock mix; drive increased sales and sell through; deliver enhanced brand exposure and consistent customer experience

Technical Aspects

Tools and Technologies

  • MuleSoft ESB 3.6 CE, Amazon S3, HTTP , JMS , FILE, JDBC, FTP, SFTP, SOAP and REST Service, XSD
  • Template Based Architecture

  • Template for each process, with set of operations with a strict workflow
  • Enables reusability, reduce time of delivery for adding new partners to the system
  • Batch Processing

  • Batch executor to divide and process large payloads
  • High Performance through simultaneous processing of batches
  • Reduce memory consumption
  • Detailed monitoring of data flow
  • Monitoring and Alert System

  • JMX based monitoring and alert system
  • Real Time monitoring on each process throughout the system by it’s unique id, like product onboarding, order management etc
  • Unit and Integration Test

  • End to end integration and functional tests to cover 95% test case scenarios
  • Unit test cases to cover responsibilities of each component
  • Junit, Mockito, Cucumber